Accessories Colors Wisteria (purplish red), Wisteria (white), Wisteria (pink), Wisteria (purple blue), Wisteria (green), Wisteria (blue), Wisteria (light purple), Wisteria ( Big red)
Accessories Size A 5 string flower is about 22 cm long and the total length is about 2.2 meters
Accessories Applications You can hang it on the wall, doors, swing, mirrors and anywhere as you like to enjoy with artificial leaves vine.Perfect for wedding decoration, table arrangement,also suitable for outdoor.
Attributes specifications 0.1 kg, The total length is about 2.2 meters
Accessories Material silk + plastic, and realistic champagne color flowers and green leaves. Raw silk material for the flowers and leafs, while the vine is Flexible plastic, lifelike artificial flower that remains just as fresh-looking and beautiful year after year.

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Simulation Wisteria Flower Vine Wedding Flower Decoration Fake Flower Wisteria Flower

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Simulation Wisteria Flower Vine Wedding Flower Decoration Fake Flower Wisteria Flower